Keyboard and mouse support for Xbox games is on the way!

Available on Xbox, PC and mobile platforms, Cloud Gaming brings a feature that will delight those who can’t leave their habits easy.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is one of the most important breakthroughs in the gaming world of recent years. Although we have seen cloud gaming services such as GeForce Now, Stadia and Luna to date, it was surprising that a cloud service came directly from Xbox. We’ve also seen some of the pros of cloud gaming from a console manufacturer. The new one will be an important step towards the independence of Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Xbox Cloud Gaming will soon support keyboards and mice

The service currently only supports the Xbox controller. If you play on a phone or tablet, your fingers are also included in the controller options. Flight Simulator’s head, Jorg Neumann, has revealed that keyboard and mouse support will soon be added to the platform. Because there are games that really offer a better experience with keyboard and mouse. Flight Simulator can be a good example of this.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is also available on PC, but it still forces us to use the Xbox controller. We can say that it will be easier to play games on the PC side when this support is provided, and geforce now will be partially challenged. Of course, the competition here will help us again.

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