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Disney found itself among the pioneers of recent history with its 2003 content Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Especially with the action-adventure-fantasy fictions created in the audience, it has brought the desired culture of “entertainment” to us by making its name.

If we dive a little deeper into keeping a peek from the overall frame, we can point out that Jungle Cruise will face many awards and upset the summer months with blockbusters. It would also be wrong to describe it as a classic Disney content that reaches mediocre performance with its script, which we can often present as immersive, fun and full of explosive moments. Producers who want to keep the spark with Pirates of the Caribbean with the new release should not be eaten.

Jungle Cruise Movie Review

Considering other examples of the species, we can describe Jungle Cruise as a treasure hunt. The equivalent of the term treasure hunt refers to a prophecy that is referred to in Turkish as an ancient tree. So much so that this tree has many healing properties, especially in the field of medicine. There is only one job left for the screenwriters who take the concept of “unique healing feature”, which is also frequently seen on social media, behind. It is to build the integrity of character and story, where fun, adventure, mischief are at the forefront.

Dr Lily Houghton and her brother Macgregor were the first names to reveal the world of character and start the journey towards the unique tree. However, it is not easy to go to the area where the tree is. Different creatures, communities, traps and many other conceivable challenges will try to overcome with captain Frank Wolff. But Dwayne Johnson will take on wolff’s character with his usual mischief and mischief. And he will play the naughty person on the brothers’ journey…

To summarize Jungle Cruise in a few words… Their fun and immersive concepts will be the most functional words. Although the story is directed by the brothers’ mission, wolff’s character is an impressive character who forms the subtle connection between contradiction and reality. And perhaps the most pleasurable moments take place with Wolff. Don’t miss it, have fun…

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