It affects nearly three billion users! revealed everything…

Frances Haugen , who has been working in the same unit at the world giant for years , talked about the company she left in a program. Saying everything openly, Haugen said, “The company’s priority is to make a profit, not to fight hate speech and fake news.”

Facebook37-year-old former employee of the misinformation unit Frances Haugen, said on American CBS television on Sunday that he had leaked the documents, and this time he personally voiced the accusations against the company.

Frances Haugen said Facebook’s priority is to “make a profit, not fight hate speech and fake news.”

Haugen stated that the documents he leaked to the American Wall Street Journal proved that Facebook “prefers growth over security”.

Some of the documents leaked in the news in BBC Turkish reveal that Facebook treats some famous and high-follower users differently from other users in terms of content control.

In the statement made by Facebook, it was emphasized that these documents gave a misleading impression and covered the positive activities of the company.


Haugen, who appeared on CBS’s 60 Minutes, said earlier this year that he left Facebook, feeling that he couldn’t take it anymore. Haugen had also copied numerous internal memos and documents before leaving the company.

The Wall Street Journal newspaper has been publishing the leaked documents for the last three weeks, one of which is evaluated under the name of the Facebook File.

Among the published documents, there are documents showing that celebrities, politicians and well-known Facebook users are treated differently by the company, that such accounts are treated differently from other users, or that no control is applied at all.

Affects nearly three billion users Revealed everything

Also, some leaked documents show that Facebook is facing a complex lawsuit filed by a group of shareholders. This group’s claims include that Facebook’s $5 billion payment to the US Federal Trade Commission over the Cambridge Analytica data scandal was held so high to protect its founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, from personal liability.


But what really worries American politicians in this dossier is Instagramallegations about. An internal study commissioned by Facebook, which also owns this platform, revealed that Instagram affects the mental health of young people under the age of 20. But the company did not publicly share these findings, which show that the platform has become a “toxic place” for many young people.

Affects nearly three billion users Revealed everything

Last week, an executive of Facebook testified in the US Senate and said that the leaked documents did not mention the positive effects of the platform on young people, and that it was misleading in this respect.


Former Facebook employee Haugen’s testimony about the company is expected to be much harsher.

“There was a conflict of interest between what’s good for the public and what’s good for Facebook. Facebook has repeatedly chosen to put its own interests first, like making more money,” Frances Haugen told CBS.

Affects nearly three billion users Revealed everything

Haugen added that Facebook increased its controls on misinformation during the US election in November last year, but only temporarily:

“As soon as the elections were over, it was reinstated, the controls were reinstated where growth was a priority over security, and it really feels like a betrayal of democracy.”

Answering questions on the subject on CNN television, Facebook’s Deputy Director of Global Affairs Nick Clegg said that it is ridiculous to hold the company responsible for the violence in January.

“It gives people the illusory relief to explain the political polarization in the United States for technological, technical reasons,” said Clegg, who is also a former British Deputy Prime Minister.

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