Interesting research: AI can be a psychologist!

A health study has shown that artificial intelligence, as a psychologist, can reduce patients’ symptoms.

Chatbots that have been in our lives for years may be doctors of certain psychological disorders,according to a new study. Research shows that people who text with chatbots while eating get rid of eating disorders. Moreover, talking to artificial intelligence greatly reduces the concerns about body weight and aesthetics in women, the research reveals.

Chatbots can be effective in treating eating disorders

The team that conducted the research selected people with eating disordersas the target audience. They have developed software that provides informative content to become a chatbot. Available through various websites and Facebook Messenger, this chatbot brings great benefits to people with eating disorders, according to the results of the study. In this study with female participants, it was also reported that the participants began to practice healthy eating routines in accordance with the recommendations of the bot.

AI psychologist

The results of surveys sent to participants from time to time show that over time, the number of participants who were concerned about their excess weight in the body decreased. There was also a decrease in the number of people complaining about body aesthetics.

According to Fitzsimmons-Craft, who is in charge of the research, chatbots can offer treatment like a psychologist in the coming years if adequate funding is provided. However, however, we are currently seeing a study focused solely on eating disorders, talking to artificial intelligence could be a solution these days when COVID-19 is gnawing at our mental health.

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