Interesting history of the Wi-Fi technology we use

The emergence of Wi-Fi technology has a story that will be the subject of movies. Here’s the story of the technology that emerged in the Second World War!

The first commercial use of the Wi-Fi name began in August 1999. Contrary to popular belief, Wireless is not an abbreviation of Fidelity. The Wi-Fi Alliance used the slogan The Standard for Wireless Fidelity. So much so that the name given to wireless networks became synonymous with the name of the company over time. Although the history of commercially used wireless networks dates back to the near future, the formation of building blocks of this technology dates back to the Second World War.

Inventor of Wi-Fi technology: Hollywood star Hedy Lamarr

Although the Second World War left deep wounds in the history of the world, great technological steps were taken during this period. Just as the invention of the computer dates back to this period, the technology used in Wi-Fi networks was invented during the war. So much so that the inventor of the technology used in wireless networks was not an engineer, but Hedy Lamarr, one of Hollywood’s most beautiful actresses at the time.

Lamarr became famous at a young age for his films in Europe. He then settled in the U.S. on top of my growing income in Europe. His career was on the rise with an offer from Hollywood,making him the most wanted name. The U.S. getting ready to go to war was the end of Lamarr’s Hollywood career.

Lamarr wanted to join the Council of Inventorsin Washington DCbecause he thought it would better serve the preparations for war. With the Navy hearing about its challenges with radio-controlled torpedoes, the journey of inventing the cornerstone of Wi-Fi technology began.

The ideabehind the invention was to create a system that constantly changes frequencies and makes it difficult for radio messages to decode. For this, he worked with George Antheil, the composer and inventor. At the end of the studies, he invented the frequency-hopping propagation spectrum that forms the basis of today’s Wi-Fi networks. Then he patented the invention.

Lamarr’s invention didn’t get the U.S. credit it deserved

Hedy Lamarr thought he’d work wonders with his invention, but that’s not what happened. He presented his invention to the Navy. However, the US navy dismissed the idea as mockingly – and it didnot. After all, Lamarr returned to film life in Hollywood, even though he didn’t get as much attention as he used to. The U.S. didn’t use this technology until the 1960s. But then it spread rapidly. Lamarr, however, has not renewedthe patent for his invention . That’s why his name isn’t mentioned in addition to these technologies. Years later, the frequency-hopping propagation spectrumwas used as the basis of Wi-Fi, CDMA and Bluetooth technologies.

Hedy Lamarr’s life was always going to be the subject of movies. His appearance in the first nude scene in film history was a subject of controversy at the time. She was married to Friedrich Mandl, a wealthy munitions manufacturer with ties to Nazi Germany. According to the legend, the first steps of becoming an inventor were taken in scientific meetings with his wife during this period.

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