Instagram is improving user security with the new feature!

Thanks to the Instagram Comment Controls feature, comments will now be filtered! Here are the details for the new feature that improves user security….

The popular social media app Instagram incorporates new features, giving it a better experience for its users. The social media platform, which has recently provided a safer space for its users with its innovations, has now again introduced comment controls on privacy and security.

Mobile app developer Alessandro Paluzzi, who reported the leak for social media platforms with posts on his Twitter account, also announced the feature, which provides security to users for comments, in a tweet. So what is this feature and what does it do? Let’s take a look at it together.

With Comment Controls, offensive comments will be hidden!

Social media is a platform for everyone, for better or worse. That’s why some people can be hurtful or offensive when commenting on something. People who come to posts are subjected to lynchings due to such comments and therefore withdraw from the use of social media. Instagram has also introduced a Comment Controls Feature to avoid this situation.

Thanks to the Instagram Comment Controls Feature, annoying comments will now be automatically hidden from other users. Automatic hiding will be done by the algorithm, and in addition, a list of words can be created for the words that we want to hide. These hidden comments will not be deleted so that people who make vulgar and offensive statements will be identified by the owner of the account. In this way, users will put a restriction on malicious accounts.

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