A new penalty for Apple on the iPhone is on the agenda!

Apple manages to take its place on the agenda with many issues. Now, he is making a name for himself again with an iPhone -focused penalty.

tech giant applePreviously, it was both criticized and punished from some countries for removing 5W chargers from the phone’s box. iPhone Chargers that do not come out of the box of 12 models are also available this time. iPhone 13 It turned into a prison for him.

To remind you appleIn order to protect the environment, he took the charger and earphones out of the box of their phones and instead only added a cable. On the other hand, because of removing the charger from the box, Apple had to pay 2 million dollars with a decision taken by the Brazilian government.

A new penalty for Apple on the iPhone is on the agenda

Brazil iPhone 12It seems that he will apply this decision he made for the iPhone 13 series as well. Because Apple still does not take a charger out of the box of phones. Samsung, which had a similar situation in Brazil before, gave users a free charger alongside the Galaxy S21 model within the scope of the decision and got rid of the penalty. It is not known what Apple will do at the moment, but the estimates are that it will pay the penalty instead of giving a charger.

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