Vast majority of 5 million apps ‘violating privacy’

According to a new study, 59 percent of the applications were removed from the list due to violation of the privacy policy on the App Store , while 25 percent of these applications remained in the Google Play Store, causing the discussions to flare up. iOS does Android need more secure?

Apple specifically App Storecriticized for its policies. This problem, which became more visible with the tension with Epic Games, came to the fore with the applications removed from the App Store. Apple, which presents very strict rules to developers with its App Store policy, removes hundreds of applications every year on the grounds that it violates user privacy.

Privacy Policy, Googleis not the sole basis for delisting. 66 percent of the apps in question are dangerous, but there are 19 percent of apps that have violations, such as accessing users’ GPS location and accessing the device or using their camera.

Applications removed from the list pose a danger as they have been installed more than 9 billion times in the Play Store before. More than 21 million comments came from users on the App Store. On the other hand, although the related applications are removed from the stores, they will remain as a burden on the users’ phones.

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