Official battery capacities of the iPhone 13 series announced…

Apple recently introduced the iPhone 13 series. This phone series, which was really exciting for some, remained at a mediocre level for others. On the other hand, a statement came from Apple for the battery capacity of the new phone series.

iPhone 13 a family of four different models. iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13,�iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max The battery capacities for the new phone series consisting of models have been officially announced, but here AppleThere is a statement, as has been done in previous years. 


Explaining the capacities of the batteries used in the iPhone 13 series as Wh, not mAh, Apple explained the incomprehensible capacities as follows:

iPhone 13 Mini: 9.34Wh

iPhone 13: 12.41Wh

iPhone 13 Pro: 11.97Wh

iPhone 13 Pro Max: 16.75Wh 

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