The domestic engine reaches up to 450 horsepower! Available on every platform…

TÜMOSAN meets the power needs of marine vehicles with its domestic marine engine family that reaches up to 450 horsepower.

TÜMOSANstarted to create engine families with the studies it carried out to meet the engine needs of land and sea vehicles used in the military and civil fields.

TÜMOSAN Engine Technologies Manager Cihan Büyük said that when they exhibited their land vehicle engines in previous years, they encountered intense demand for marine engines, especially in the maritime sector.

Stating that TÜMOSAN started to produce its own marine engines to meet this demand, Büyük stated that they produced a 6-cylinder engine with 450 horsepower in this context, and they exhibited the 4-cylinder 310 horse version at the 15th International Defense Industry Fair.

In addition to this, Büyük explained that they produced the marine version of the 115 horsepower engine used in TÜMOSAN tractors and that they offered the 105 horsepower engine for boats. Big gave the following information:

“Especially, our 6-cylinder engine is used on pusher-pulling boats at Gölcük Shipyard under the General Directorate of Shipyards of the Ministry of National Defense. We delivered 2 engines. These engines have successfully completed a 300-hour working period. Acceptance tests were carried out beforehand, push-pull, performance We did not encounter any problems. In parallel, we carry out all our work and test activities in the engine test laboratories of the Rail Transport Technologies Institute at the TUBITAK campus in Gebze.”


Expressing that engines with higher horsepower for both marine and land vehicles are on their agenda, Büyük said:

“As TÜMOSAN, our goal is to produce a marine version of every engine we design, manufacture and put into use in land vehicles. When you look at the market expectations, there is a high horsepower demand for both military and commercial applications. In this sense, we can produce solutions by using more than one engine in some applications. This was also the case at the General Directorate of Shipyards. We came up with a 2-engine solution instead of a single engine. We increase horsepower by using 2 engines, but in some applications, there is a higher horsepower demand with a single engine. In this sense, we have plans in the near term.”


Cihan Büyük stated that they are conducting negotiations on the engines of military fire extinguishing boats as well as the push-pull vehicles used in the General Directorate of Shipyards.

“The biggest advantage of TÜMOSAN is that it can respond when there is a special change request for the application. When you buy an engine from abroad, it must be compatible with the engine power, engine speed, the gearbox and propeller system used on the boat. Our biggest advantage is there. After all, giving power is another matter. It is another matter to provide that power at the desired speed at the desired speed. In this sense, we can customize our engines. Due to our design capabilities, we can easily say that our solutions can be used on any platform where a need up to 450 horsepower is required.”

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