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It’s time to go back to school. In this process, students searched to get the most suitable laptop that would do the job and that they would not want to leave with them throughout their education life. There are many models on the market. So what are the best options? Do not buy a laptop without reading this article!

With the back-to-school period, the students were in a sweet rush. Those who wanted to renew their laptop computers went in search of the most suitable model for their needs. Of course alaptopThere are many points to consider when purchasing. For example, when we consider hybrid education, that is, while studying from home or a cafe or school, it is of course vital that a laptop is compact.

It’s important for a laptop to be compact, but it doesn’t stop there. A model that is strong in terms of hardware features and that will accompany students for many years should be preferred. 

On the other hand, there are many ambitious brands in the laptop market. More importantly, we see that these brands have many computer models with different budgets. Students, on the other hand, rightfully want to learn which model is the most suitable for them and to acquire these devices at the most attractive price.

However, an important point should be reminded: It is not a very healthy way to choose a model by only looking at the price of a device or keeping the price in the foreground. When you buy a computer that you bought because it has an affordable price, but that cannot meet your expectations, you will not only waste your money, but also have to spend again to buy a new computer.

You should choose such a computer that it can meet your needs in the coming years and not create new cost items for you. At this point NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Seriesdisplay cardLaptop computers equipped with computers come to the rescue of students. Look at the laptop models with this architecture, what advantages do they stand out? How can it respond to your needs for many years?


Undoubtedly, one of the features we look for most in today’s conditions in a laptop is that the device is light and thin. Especially the laptop models that bend our waist when we throw them in the bag are really like a nightmare. However, this problem disappears with the new generation laptop models that come with NVIDIA’s Max Q technology.

Max-Q is a technology without sacrificing high performance by fitting the graphics cards of thick as brick laptops into smaller sizes. This technology enables today’s graphics cards to run quieter, thinner and more energy efficient. In general, graphics cards run at very high temperatures, so a suitable cooling system is needed. This makes computers thicker. In Max-Q graphics cards, on the other hand, energy efficiency and the cooling system are balanced. Thus, the device does not make noise even when playing games in 4K resolution.

Another positive effect of saving energy is reflected in the battery life. While computers are getting thinner and lighter, laptops are emerging that can accompany students for longer hours.


If you’re going to have a laptop, of course, speed is a priority. Laptops with GeForce RTX GPUs are highly efficient devices in many ways. These models facilitate the lives of students studying in different fields such as engineering, computer science or economics by using artificial intelligence and accelerate their speed.

If you are using a laptop that comes with a GeForce RTX GPU, the graphics card in your device provides speed in many different sections from engineering to computer science and even augmented reality is used. While you do not have to worry about slowness while dealing with complex processing and design works, thanks to GPU acceleration, you can complete your work faster and spend more time learning. If you want to save your time, laptops with RTX 30 GPUs can do the job. 


Of course, your laptop should keep up with you not only in your education life, but also in different scenarios. On the one hand, you can experience the applications that you need to use for education without any problems, on the other hand, it is possible to enjoy the games fluently when you want to play games, again with the notebook models of the GeForce RTX 30 series.


NVIDIA is next to those who want to express their creativity and expect speed while creating their content. For this, it draws attention with NVIDIA Studio, especially for content creators. NVIDIA Studio is an ecosystem created in 2019 to produce purpose-built high-performance laptops and desktops and graphics cards for a growing number of creative professionals.

Along with the RTX 30 series, NVIDIA Studio enables AI acceleration in the most popular creative applications. It provides creators and 3D developers the best performance and reliability when working with creative applications. You can work faster than ever with popular applications such as Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD, Blender, Premiere Pro, Lightroom, DaVinci Resolve. This keeps you one step ahead of your classmates. 

Powered by graphics cards, these computers and applications have helped more than 45 million professional and prosumer designers’ designs come to life in record time. This ecosystem is also an important tool not only for professionals, but also for students who will study in related fields. 


Due to the special days we are going through, distance education still maintains its importance. Under these conditions, it is of course important to attend classes at the computer and to continue our education without any problems. At this point, the NVIDIA Broadcast application appears. This particular app uses artificial intelligence to enhance distance learning.

For example, no matter how good your microphone quality is, no matter how successful you use physical filters; Keystroke sound, mouse click sound, sounds coming from open windows, air conditioner sound or sounds from other rooms can be reflected in your broadcast inevitably. However, this application plays an important role in eliminating the room echo problem, while reducing the noise that is disturbing when you enter the classroom.

In voice calls you make over the Internet, the clarity of the voice of the other party determines the quality of the call, as well as the clarity of the voice you transmit to the other party. In addition to the noise canceling feature in this application, it is important that you have the opportunity to filter the sounds that reach you.

What NVIDIA Broadcast can do is not limited to these. The application, which is next to the students on basic issues such as virtual background, automatic frame, removing noise in videos, will allow you to overcome the obstacles in front of you more easily during distance education. It should be noted that all these video/camera effects and sound enhancements do not put any strain on your computer.


Laptop models with RTX 30 series graphics cards are devices that can be with students in many ways. Of course, the latest technologies from NVIDA have a great contribution to this.

DLSS creates higher resolution and artificial images of the game you are playing, without burdening the graphics processor, and uses artificial intelligence and machine learning for this. This algorithm is constantly learning and training itself to deliver a similar image to the better resolution version of the game you are playing. Moreover, to do this, it does not run the graphics card too much, it uses improved artificial images. In this way, you can experience up to two times the performance increase without compromising the image quality. DLSS is now available in many games, from Red Dead Redemption 2 to Myst, which was released recently, regardless of big or small budget. 

Ray Tracing – Ray tracing technology, while creating 3D game worlds, physically calculates very important effects such as light and shadow, reflection and environmental shielding caused by light. This makes game visuals even closer to real life. With Ray Tracing, real-life lighting and shading appear in the scenes, not artificial lighting or shading that is far from realism. Ray tracing technologies beautify the in-game visuals of Battlefield 2042 and Dying Light 2, which will be released soon, as well as Cyberpunk 2077, Control and Minecraft, the most important games of recent times.

NVIDIA WhisperMode takes the gaming experience to a new level and the noise problem is eliminated. This special technology reduces fan noise from laptops. Intelligent boosting of the frame rate and efficient selection of game settings reveal this technology. The amount of heat the laptop has to dissipate is decreasing. So laptop fans run at lower speeds and with less noise.

NVIDIA Broadcast, on the other hand, allows broadcasting to be smoother both in your education life and when you experience games. In particular, many different features such as noise canceling, adding a virtual background, increasing sound and call quality, and removing noise in videos will be the focus of attention of students.

Dynamic Boost 2.0 – One of the most important innovations of this year is Dynamic Boost 2.0 technology. This technology can better balance the power between the processor and the graphics card. When the workload is balanced, the laptop powers the GPU and CPU as usual. When there is a critical performance bottleneck for the GPU, power is added to the GPU as it is shifted from the CPU. Power goes where it’s needed most. This process is automatic, adaptable, always working and provides additional performance for free.

NVIDIA Reflex – Everyone wants to have the lowest latency, best responsiveness in demanding games. At this point, Reflex, a new technology offered by NVIDIA, takes users one step ahead. This technology dynamically reduces system latency by combining both GPU and gaming optimizations.


As a result, laptop computer models with RTX 30 series graphics cards provide benefits to students in every aspect and many famous computer brands in Turkey reach their users with these cards. Apart from their thin and light designs, these models, which do not condemn students for hours per socket with their long battery life, allow students to use almost any application fluently throughout their education life.

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