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Statement from NASA! It will pass close to Earth’s orbit…

The massive asteroid, named 2021RE by NASA , is expected to approach Earth on Friday . It is said that this huge stone is only one of 6 asteroids approaching Earth. This asteroid, which is about 137 meters in diameter, will approach Earth on September 10.

worldThis 2021RE object, which is expected to approach about 5 million kilometers from , could cause a major dent if it hits the Earth. However, this rapprochement is not without danger.

Earth, on the other hand, is bombarded with more than 100 tons of tiny space rocks and other interplanetary debris (the size of small pebbles) every day, but we don’t feel it. Anything smaller than the average car can burn as it enters the atmosphere and is not considered a threat, butNASA warns.

NASAAccording to , every 2,000 years a meteoroid the size of a football field can actually enter the atmosphere and cause serious damage. In just a few million years, an object large enough to truly threaten civilization will emerge.

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