Autonomous vehicles of the future will compete with each other with TEKNOFEST…

Organized as part of the world’s largest Aviation, Space and Technology Festival TEKNOFEST , the Robotaxi-Passenger Autonomous Vehicle Competition will be held on September 13-17 in Turkey’s technology and innovation base, Informatics Valley.

According to the statement made by Bilişim Vadisi, Turkey continues to encourage young people in autonomous, that is, driverless cars, which are considered the vehicles of the future.

TEKNOFESTWhile raising competence to young people in the field of autonomous vehicle technologies, the Robotaxi-Passenger Autonomous Vehicle Competition, organized as part of the festival, will witness the tough struggle of 36 teams this year.

Young talents will showcase their skills in the races to be held on 13-17 September in Turkey’s technology and innovation hub, Informatics Valley.

Stating that one of the focus areas of Informatics Valley is the development of the mobility ecosystem, İbrahimcioğlu said, “We have been hosting the Robotaksi autonomous vehicle races for the last two years.” used the phrase.

Informing that the number of teams in the Robotaksi competition has increased from 17 last year to 36 this year, İbrahimcioğlu said, “We also built our own track. We have built an area that our youth can use not only in the race but also in other times. The number of teams is increasing almost 100 percent every year. In the coming years, we will find the 70s and 100s.” made its assessment.


Tuba Öztepe, Director of Informatics Valley Ecosystem Development Office, stated that they have changed the concept of the competition this year and that the races will be held in two separate categories.

Stating that they gave 3 ready vehicles to 7 different teams in the ready vehicle category, Öztepe said, “These vehicles have the same features and are ready for autonomy. The teams come and install their software on the vehicles and run these vehicles with their own artificial intelligence.” gave the information.

Pointing out that there are different designs in the original vehicle category, Öztepe said, “We have 89 model vehicles as well as our latest model vehicles. They make everything, software and hardware themselves.” used the phrase.

Öztepe stated that, unlike previous years, they gave the teams a period of 4 weeks: “The teams came and used the runway for 4 weeks. They tested everything on the signs, traffic lights. They solved their problems. They actually made a camp here. They worked together for 14 hours a day, a total of 600 hours. ” made its assessment.


Berat Cansız from the Karaelmas University team noted that they participated in the competition with the 1989 Sparrow, which they bought as scrap. Stating that they have made Serçe autonomous, Cansız said, “It has a camera in front of it, it currently reads and follows the lanes on the road. It moves the feature we have added extra with electricity. There are 6 batteries in it and it can provide movement for an hour with this battery.” gave the information.

Emphasizing that the vehicle has a passenger carrying capacity of 5 people, Cansız said, “In other words, after a family gets in the car, they will be able to go wherever they want autonomously by marking them on the map.” used the phrase.

Sakarya University Team Captain Belemir Cross reminded that they won the Robotaxi races last year, and said:

“After this first place we achieved, job opportunities were provided to the team members, especially from various companies in the defense and automotive industries. We continued to develop our vehicle, especially in order to provide a better drive in terms of software.”

Bozok University Team Captain Fatmanur Ortataş stated that Robotaksi races add knowledge and experience to them and said, “We want to grow up as engineers who have gained knowledge and skills in this field. The shell of our vehicle, the battery management system in its chassis, the vehicle control system, and autonomous software are all such components. We made it ourselves. We designed a unique vehicle with everything.” made its assessment.


The Robotaxi competition aims to develop the autonomous driving algorithms of young people. High school, associate, undergraduate, graduate students and graduates can participate in the competition individually or as a team. This year, teams are expected to perform various tasks autonomously in a real track environment in the races organized in the categories of original vehicles and ready-made vehicles.

In the races to be held for the 4th time this year, the teams will demonstrate their autonomous driving performances on a track that reflects the urban traffic situation. Teams that fulfill the tasks of picking up passengers, dropping passengers, reaching the parking area, parking and following the correct route in accordance with the rules will be considered successful.

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