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Vivo, which is in a very strong position in the world phone market and has managed to become the country’s best-selling phone brand by outperforming all its competitors in its home country of China, has also made an ambitious entrance into our country. Vivo, which is the “Main Sponsor” of the Turkish Men’s A Football National Team and started to produce phones with the factory it established in Gebze, also reveals the value it gives to our country. In this video, we will examine two new phone models together that will stimulate Vivo’s phone market. One is the Vivo V21, the other is the Vivo V21e. Then if we’re ready, let’s get started! (Sponsored Content)

Global phone the production move of their brands in Turkey continues. Vivo and wants to carry its strong position in the global world to our country, and the factory established in Gebze is an important step in this way. Vivo’s 12,000-square-foot factory, which was launched with a $20 million investment, aims to produce 5 million phones annually.

On the one hand, Vivo continues to produce domestically, and on the other hand, it attracts attention with two new phone models. The V21 and V21e, which stand close together with their hardware features, of course also have significant differences. Now, if you’d like, let’s unbox both phones and take a closer look at the contents of the box.

Let’s start with the V21. First of all, the elegance of the phone is more obvious. A tiny logo was placed on the box as Vivo is the main sponsor of our national team. When we open the box, we first encounter the V21. Then we see the transparent phone case. It’s definitely important that the case comes out of the box. And that’s how we don’t have to pay for the case. The fact that the case is transparent does not prevent us from projecting out the stylish design of the V21. In the contents of the case, we reach the booklets related to the V21. At the bottom of the box we see headphones, USB Type-C cable, fast charging adapter and a converter.

Let’s look at the V21e’s box contents. The box design is exactly the same as the V21. When we open the box, we first encounter the V21e. Then we see a transparent case, fast charging adapter, headphones and USB Type-C charging cable with booklets in the box. Unlike the V21, this box does not contain a converter. Because unlike the V21, the phone also has a 3.5 mm headphone slot.

One of my favorite aspects of the V21 series is its design, absolutely. The V21 and V21e are in the same line in terms of design, but both are stylish from each other. Weighing 176 grams, the V21 is a fairly lightweight phone. It is offered to users in two different colors: twilight blue and sunset rhythm. The volume up/off and power keys are located on the right edge, while the speaker grille, SIM card slot and USB Type-C input are also located at the bottom.

The V21e is one click lighter than the V21 and weighs 171 grams. He reaches his buyer with the Diamond Reflection and Roman Black color models I hold in my hand. It’s certainly important that he doesn’t leave fingerprints like the V21. He owes that to the anti-glare glass surface. The volume up/off and power keys are located on the right edge of the V20e, while the SIM card slot is positioned on the left edge. At the bottom is a 3.5mm headphone jack, USB Type-C input and speaker grille.

Both phones have a very slim design and will satisfy the user in terms of the feeling of holding in the hand. Notable for its curved structure, the V21 is 6.44 inches in screen size and has a screen body ratio of 84 percent. The V21 comes with an AMOLED display that offers a screen resolution of 1080×2400 pixels and has a 90Hz screen refresh rate with HDR10+ support. It offers a 90 Hz screen refresh rate, providing a smooth user experience and uninterrupted viewing pleasure. When we look at the speeds of 60 Hz and 90 Hz together, it is impossible not to see the difference.

the 500 nits screen brightness level is a high value and allows us to easily see the images that appear while we are out during the day.

The V21e has the same screen size as the V20e. The V21e comes with a 6.44-inch AMOLED display and reaches 430 nits screen brightness, offers a screen resolution of 1080×2400 pixels and a screen-to-chassis ratio of 83 percent. Both phones feature a V-type notched display design. There’s a camera on the front one.

On the back of the V21 series is the triple camera setup. Both phones are quite ambitious on the camera side. The V21 comes with a 64 MP OIS Night Camera with f/1.8 aperture, not distorting the image, even at largely zooms in, revealing vivid details. This main camera is accompanied by a 120 degree wide-angle camera with a resolution of 8 MP and a 2 MP super macro camera. Capable of recording 4K 30 fps video, the V21 also eliminates the problem of vibration on the screen. The rear camera’s premium 4-axis OIS technology prevents vibrations and allows clear shots to be taken.

One of the most ambitious aspects of the V21 is hidden in its front camera. The front camera with 44 MP OIS support makes selfies possible, which we will love much more successfully. You can shoot very well even when the light is insufficient. And we owe it to double selfie stuffing light. These lights are positioned to the right and left of the front camera and we can save lives and take vivid selfies in any environment where the light is insufficient. To use these lights, you turn on the camera, switch to Night mode, and then simply select Spot Lamp in the light settings. However, you can use these lights not only during photo shoots, but also during video recording.

Thanks to the Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS) and Electronic Image Stabilizer (EIS) features on the front camera, you can shoot comfortably while walking, talking, and somehow the recorded images do not feel vibrations, resulting in a great result. You’ll also love Dual-View. Using front and rear cameras together, you can push the boundaries of your creativity. Double Exposure adds a second dimension to the photos you take and you can get custom images on different themes. In the meantime, it is another important point to be able to record 4K video with the front camera.

The V21e is also an ambitious model for mobile photography. The main camera, which can take images at 64 MP resolution, is accompanied by an 8 MP wide-angle camera and a 2 MP macro camera. With the AI Super Night Mlodu, you can get more vivid images in low-light environments, while using many different filters for night shots, such as black and gold, blue ice, and green orange. The V21e comes with Automatic Motion Focus support, locks the camera focus to the target and after touching the target twice, your camera follows the subject. On the front of the device is a camera that can take images with a resolution of 44 MP, as in the V21. This camera, which can also record 4K 30 fps video, gives very good results in day and night shooting. Again, as with the V21, we can record the front and rear camera together using dual-view.

The V21 series also stands out for its processor and other hardware features. Powered by an 8-core MediaTek Dimensity 800U processor built in a 7 nm process, the V21 enables us to experience applications and games smoothly. Apps open pretty fast, and there’s no stuttering in challenging games. The V21e is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 720G processor. Built in the 8 nm process, this 8-core processor delivers a 51 percent performance boost over the previous generation and can run games and applications like the V21 quickly. Extended RAM, which you can use on both phones, eliminates the freezing problem. With extended RAM technology, an 8GB phone can use 3GB of external memory as RAM.

V21 uses UFS 2.2 technology. In this way, while data exchange is accelerating, there is a significant increase in the download speed of large applications, e.g. games.

Now to the battery life of the V21 series… The V21 has a 4000 mAh battery and, together with a 33W fast charging adapter, can recharge the battery from 0 percent to 63 percent when you charge the phone for only 30 minutes. This allows you to use your phone for long periods of time without interruption and you don’t have to leave your phone behind the socket for hours. The V21e is no longer a V21. If you charge its 4000 mAh battery for 30 minutes, you can charge your battery from 0 percent to 66 percent.

The V21 series uses Funtouch OS 11.1, which runs under Android 11 and was developed by Vivo. Adding a new dimension to the Android experience, Funtouch is a special experience that Vivo offers.

As a result Vivo V21 series, in every way, will push their opponents too hard. Especially the V21 series, which surprises me with its camera performance and positively changes the way I look at Vivo phones, attracts attention with its stylish designs besides its ambitious hardware features.

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