Turkish satellite to Argentina…

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAS), which has signed Turkey’s first satellite exports, is preparing to add to this success soon. Selman Nas, Deputy General Manager of TUSAŞ Space Systems, explained the work at the Space Systems Integration and Test Center.

Stating that the communication satellite project produced for Türksat INC continued successfully, Selman Nas, Deputy General Manager of TUSAŞ Space Systems, stated that they are carrying out communication satellite work for the international market, which will soon become a brand and works with an all-electric propulsion system. Nas said:

“We are doing the development through GSATCOM Space Technologies INC, which we have partnered with InVAP, based in Argentina. We had a client. We’re going to build a satellite-based communications satellite for the ARSAT operator in Argentina. It’s a communications satellite capable of high data transfer. Internationally, our GSATCOM company has made an export.

We see this as a very important, successful event for us in space. We’ve been tendered in other countries. We recently founded GSATCOM, just over 2 years ago.

We entered into a communication satellite tender in Kazakhstan, we brought it very well until the last moment. We follow other opportunities in the international arena. Other countries need communications satellites. We’re looking for opportunities to make offers there, too. We’ll soon begin negotiations for a similar communications satellite. After the second satellite, there will be more.”


Nas said they plan to build the satellite very quickly, explaining that two satellites can be sent with the same launcher because of its low mass.

Nas stressed that satellites with high capacity, which have been running for more than 15 years compared to traditional large satellites, are able to produce much more cost effective because of the low costs of launching and production.

Nas stated that they are negotiating for such satellites at home and said that they have gained all the capabilities related to making communication satellites with domestic facilities.

Nas commented:

“Our army needs a communications satellite. It’s possible to give it to him with this kind of solution.

Our operator in Turkey needs to renew some of its satellites before 2030, after 2025. We’ve had discussions with them, too. There are opportunities.”

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