Advantages of Ticimax, Turkey’s most advanced e-commerce software…

Ticimax helps its customers strengthen their competition in the field of e-commerce with its strong infrastructure. Providing e-commerce infrastructure services to more than 10,000 companies, Ticimax brings e-commerce to your feet with many years of experience and offers a way to simplify this transition process as much as possible. Here are the advantages that Ticimax offers…

During the pandemic, many new e-commerce sites were born and they started to generate a significant income. And in this table, you want to set up your own e-commerce site. But there’s a problem. You want to get into e-Commerce, but you can’t start by thinking about the difficult processes and you don’t know where to start.

However, with a huge infrastructure that answers all the questions you have in mind and will quickly take you to the world of e-commerce, Ticimax I’ll introduce you to him.

With many years of experience, Ticimax brings e-commerce to your feet and offers a way to simplify this transition as much as possible. It is really easy to direct products from the internet with the advantages and infrastructure features provided by Ticimax by creating brand awareness.

Ticimax helps its customers strengthen their competition in the field of e-commerce with its strong infrastructure. Providing e-commerce infrastructure services to more than 10,000 companies, Ticimax not only leaves you at the borders of Turkey, but also provides the opportunity to sell worldwide by crossing borders.

SMEs, entrepreneurs, online sellers such as Instagram sellers and retail brands can choose Ticimax infrastructure. It is even possible to move the existing e-commerce infrastructure to Ticimax infrastructure.


You have a lot of reasons to choose Ticimax. Safety is an important criterion in this respect. Ticimax has a safer infrastructure and you will be more comfortable using it.

And then there’s the support side, of course. Many companies that set out to build e-commerce infrastructure do not have support units. So when you’re in trouble, when you’re looking for support for a problem with the site, you can’t find an interlocutor to tell you your problem. Even when I was telling it, I felt like I was at a dead end. However, when you travel with Ticimax, you do not face these problems.

We also find people who use free e-commerce software to enter the world of e-commerce. But we certainly do not recommend it. Although free open source e-commerce software may seem cheaper and free at first, it can expose you to much heavier payments in the medium and long term. Because I don’t know if I Since these softwares are software originating from abroad, it is necessary to integrate them into virtual poss and cargo integrations that will first adapt with Turkey, which brings a cost burden. To manage this software, you will either need to employ a software developer or work with freelance software. Of course, if we consider that you will rent a server to ensure security, the costs are increasing. As you can see, although it may seem free in the first place, a cost item of up to almost 20 thousand TL per year appears. Not to mention the energy and time you have lost…

When we look at it with extras, Ticimax, which is both more useful and has more features and serves thousands of brands annually, seems like a much more logical choice.


As you can see, we actually have many ways to open an e-commerce site. But if we don’t dig deeper into these paths, then we’ll be left with serious problems. So what are the highlights of Ticimax?

First of all, let me state this: Ticimax is the only software in Turkey with international security and quality certificates… ISO 2701, ISO 22301, ISO 20000-1 and PCI DSS Level 1 certifications all have them at the same time.

Ticimax offers a flexible structure and can be improved thanks to its ready-made cloud-based e-commerce infrastructure.

And like I just said, it’s a nightmare not to be in support when you’re in trouble. But if you work with Ticimax, you don’t have that problem. With the 24/7 call center service, you are always comfortable and no matter what time it is, expert support teams instantly contact you and take swift action to solve your problem.

The page design wizard is another highlight of Ticimax… You don’t need to have code and design knowledge with this wizard. You can prepare pages in one step.

Two-way marketplace integration offers automated product inventory and order management, while the InstagramShop feature makes it possible to move Instagram posts to the e-commerce site and sell products directly.

It is also possible to create stories within the site with Ticimax Story.

With Ticimax academy, you can refresh, update and quickly adapt to this new world by receiving free e-commerce trainings.

With Ticimax Native mobile app solutions, you can stay connected with your time and space independent customers by providing a faster, easier shopping experience. You can increase your sales with both iOS and Android Native E-commerce Mobile App.

Thanks to Ticimax’s Accounting-ERP integrations, you don’t waste extra time on inventory and ordering arrangements on your e-commerce site, you save time and cost.

Ticimax also offers a Campaign Wizard where you can easily make any campaign with over 250 different edits. The campaign wizard gives you back the time you spend building your campaigns.

Ticimax also offers e-export solutions and you get the chance to sell your products to the world by crossing the borders of Turkey.

I would also like to emphasize that Ticimax works with thousands of different companies from 7 to 70. Some of them are large-scale companies, some are SMEs, i.e. businesses on a smaller scale… Therefore, anyone who wants to sell online can use Ticimax.

As a result, Ticimax has more than 15 years of industry experience that brings together many large, medium and small companies all over Turkey with e-commerce. If you want to easily move into the world of e-commerce and take your place in this world, Ticimax is the right address…

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