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Tesla AI Day event was held! The most interesting product introduced: Tesla Bot…

Tesla AI Day, which has been expected and excited for a while, has finally been realized. While the humanoid robot introduced at the event looks quite interesting, the introduction of the supercomputer chip makes the event remarkable.

We see Elon Musk performing at the event. HereTeslaEmphasizing that ‘ is not only an electric car company, Musk said, Tesla BotHe introduced it with great enthusiasm. At Thursday’s event, Musk described Tesla as a company with “deep AI activity in inference and training, and in hardware.”


Elon Musk, who made a name for himself with his investments in different fields, introduced brand new products under the name of the Tesla company. Tesla Bot, which took its place among these products, attracted a lot of attention. Because the features of this device, which is arranged in the form of a humanoid robot, are also eye-catching.

Tesla AI Day event was held The most interesting product introduced: Tesla Bot

For the Tesla Bot robot, which does not deviate from Tesla’s design line, a head design with a black glossy structure was made. We see that the shoulder and body part are in white and gray tones. The humanoid robot, which looks like a fencing athlete, is designed to handle some daily tasks. Thanks to the screen added to the head of the robot, some information will also be visible. While the weight of the robot is 56 kg, it can lift 68 kg. On the other hand, he can walk 8 km per hour.

In the speech, he stated that they will use the same technology in semi-autonomous electric cars in the production of the robot. Noting that the robot can perform repetitive basic movements that can be dangerous or boring for humans, Musk explained that the black-and-white robot with five-fingered hands is designed to be approximately 177 centimeters tall and weigh 57 kilograms.

Stating that the robot will be equipped with eight cameras and an autonomous computer, Musk said, “There will be a kind of screen containing the necessary information on its head. But other than that, it will basically be equipped with an autopilot system.”

Those who know Elon Musk’s concerns about evil artificial intelligence, especially emphasizing this robot, Musk says, “We have developed a robot that is absolutely friendly and will not harm people.”

On the other hand, Tesla is also involved in the “companies developing their own microchips” event, which is more visible after Apple introduced the M1 processor, with its own supercomputer chip. It was specifically stated that the D1 chip, which is part of the newly introduced Dojo supercomputer system, came out of a 7-nanometer production process with 362 teraflops of processing power.It is emphasized that Tesla will have the fastest AI training computer thanks to this chip developed to be trained by artificial intelligence.

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