TCL 20 SE review…

TCL, one of the world’s leading technology giants and demonstrating the importance it attaches to our country with its latest production in Turkey, signed the first domestic telephone at its factory in Çerkezköy within the scope of the cooperation with Arçelik. We’re taking a closer look at this special phone… (Sponsored Content)

The factory established in Çerkezköy, TCLIt is an important investment move for both Turkey and Turkey. In this respect, first of all, TCL should be congratulated. According to the information we learned from TCL officials, the annual production capacity of this factory is 450 thousand.telephone. But more importantly, the target is to increase the number of production to 1 million in 2022. TCL, which provided employment for 100 people in the first place by switching to domestic production, plans to increase this number in the future.

TCL 20 SEIt is the first domestic phone produced by TCL in Turkey.

When you look at the bottom of the box, you can see the label that says ‘Made in Turkey’. When we look at the contents of the box, we see a charging adapter, charging cable and phone case. Glad that the transparent phone case is included in the box, so there is no need to pay an additional fee for the case. It should be noted that there is no headset in the box.

TCL 20 SE review

Let’s start with the design of the phone first. The TCL 20 SE is a heavy and bulky phone. This phone, which weighs 206 grams and has a 6.82 inch screen size, uses the IPS LCD display panel and offers a screen brightness level of up to 450 nits. The screen/body ratio of the TCL 20 SE, which supports 720×1640 pixel screen resolution and comes with a V-notch screen design, is 83 percent.

On the right side, there is the power button along with the volume on / off buttons, while on the left, there is the SIM card slot and the Google Assistant button. There is a 3.5 mm headphone socket on the phone, and at the bottom we see the USB Type-C input with the speaker grilles.

TCL 20 SE review

On the back of the device, there is a 4-camera setup with LED flash. The fingerprint scanner is also located on the back of the TCL 20 SE and works quite fast. At this point, let me state my personal opinion: I prefer the browser to be on the back side rather than embedded on the screen. As soon as I take the phone in my hand, I can access this browser more easily, I can unlock the screen. This is a matter of habit, of course.

With the TCL 20 SE, we can browse the internet and reply to our messages while watching videos, and we can do this with the Smart Floating Window feature on the phone. Making videos more eye-catching with its SDR to HDR conversion technology, TCL 20 SE also includes NXTVISION technology, and thanks to this technology, the color, contrast and clarity of the videos watched are improved in real time and much more vivid images are displayed on the screen.

On the audio side, the TCL 20 SE has been a phone that meets expectations. The dual speaker design is also an important point. In this way, while playing the game,film or while watching TV series, it can satisfy us with its sound performance.

While you can use applications quickly with the TCL 20 SE, there is a fluid experience in games as well. Powered by Qualcomm’s octa-core Snapdragon 460 processor, the TCL 20 SE has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory.

This phone, which has a 5000 mAh battery, has 10W fast charging support.

TCL 20 SE review

Let’s come to the camera performance of the TCL 20 SE… The device, which has an 8 MP internal camera on the front, has a quad camera setup on the back. This main camera, which can take 16 MP resolution images, is accompanied by a 5 MP ultra wide angle camera, 2 MP macro camera and 2 MP depth sensor. With the macro camera of the TCL 20 SE, which is successful in photography, you can photograph objects in high resolution from a close angle, while using the depth sensor, you can take portrait photos that highlight the subject and blur the background. With the ultra-wide-angle camera, you can fit much more into the frame and take landscape photos on a larger scale.

TCL 20 SE, which can record 1080p 30 fps video, is on sale with a price tag of 2799 TL, including 3-month screen protection package.

As a result, the TCL 20 SE is the first fruit of the TCL brand in domestic production, and new models will continue to be produced and delivered to us at this factory in Çerkezköy.

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