Spotify will suggest music based on your mood…

Spotify, one of the leading digital music platforms in the world, is preparing to suggest music according to the mood of the users by further developing its artificial intelligence algorithms.

Artificial intelligence technologies, which cause significant changes in many aspects of our lives and whose use is increasing day by day, have become one of the main components of technology companies. Digitalmusic platform Spotify even pushing the limits of artificial intelligence.

The company will work on a system that analyzes the voices of users within the framework of the patent it has applied for. By asking users a series of questions and interpreting the mood of the users according to the answers they receive, Spotify aims to share a music list that is more suitable for the conditions instead of recommending music that is not suitable for the mood.

Artificial intelligence will be able to distinguish the different ‘modes’ of a user, such as angry, sad, stressed or happy, as a result of the analysis of the users’ voices.

Spotify will suggest music based on your mood

It is thought that Spotify will not only be content with sound when analyzing users, but the age of the users and even the city where they live will play an important role in these analyzes.

On the other hand, Spotify, who wants to analyze the users to their mood, can ignite a new discussion. The fact that even WhatsApp’s new privacy agreement has received great reaction from users shows that this step of Spotify will not be easy.

Spotify, which has just applied for a patent, is expected to activate this new feature in the coming years as a result of various tests.

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