Watch out for the new threat spread by WhatsApp messages!

security expert Lukas Stefanko stated that the link containing the message “Download the App and Win Your Mobile Phone” sent to users to download a fake Huawei application was threatening and spread rapidly.

Stefanko examined the rapidly spreading android worm and warned users not to click on links that they do not trust and are not sure. Stefanko android users,WhatsApp He said they should be wary of the threat that spreads via the threat that tries to persuade potential victims to download apps from a website that looks like Google Play. 

Malware takes over the phone

This malware spreads via WhatsApp and automatically replies to any message with a fake and malicious link. The malware that sends a download notification takes over the user’s phone after the user approves. 

The malicious application is thought to be used in an adware or subscription scam campaign. Stefanko said malware could also do worse, easily distributing banking trojans, ransomware or spyware. 

How malware spreads

Off by default on android devices to allow users to install apps from locations other than the official Google Play store, for the malicious app to be installed They are asked to disable the measure. After the installation is complete, the app continues to ask for a number of permissions to propagate, including notification access used with Android’s direct response functionality. 

“The nasty worm is still spreading via message to WhatsApp contacts when the last message the victim received was sent more than an hour ago,” and warned that sending a link in response to each message may be suspicious, saying he believes this was done to avoid suspicion among the victim’s connections. 

How users can protect themselves

Users should never click on any suspicious link. They should always approach unrealistic offers with suspicion. Only download apps from the official Google Play store and use a good security solution.

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