Apple was named the most valuable brand in the world…

The most valuable brand in the world was Apple with a brand value of approximately 263.4 billion dollars as of this year, followed by Amazon with a value of 254.2 billion dollars.

The “World’s Most Valuable 500 Brands-Global 500-2021” research prepared by the international brand evaluation organization Brand Finance has been concluded. 

According to the information compiled from research data, with a brand value of $ 263.4 billion Apple identified as the most valuable brand in the world. Apple ranked third in 2020 research with $ 141 billion. 

Amazon with a brand value of approximately $ 254.2 billion, respectively, with a value of $ 191.2 billion. Google followed. 

In the list, Microsoft of the USA is 4th with $ 140.4 billion, South Korean Samsung is 5th with $ 102.6 billion, Walmart of the USA is 6th with $ 93.2 billion, and Facebook of the USA is with $ 81.5 billion. China’s ICBC ranked 8th with $ 72.8 billion, US Verizon 9th with $ 68.9 billion, and Chinese WeChat ranked 10th with $ 67.9 billion. 

While the value of the brand at the bottom of the ranking table is 4 billion dollars, Turkish brands were not included in the ranking this year, as it could not reach this value.

“Branding should be placed first on the agenda of the country”

Brand Finance Director for Turkey, Reverend İlgüner, AA correspondent, finds a place in the list of 47 technology brands, accounted for 14 percent of the total value, he said it reached approximately $ 1 trillion in value. 

Pointing out that Tesla is the fastest growing brand with an increase in value of 158 percent, İlgüner said, “Significant increases were observed in e-Commerce brands. With a rate of 108 percent, the Alibaba.com brand stood out as the brand that showed the biggest increase after Tesla.” said. 

Stating that fixed retail chains also improve their order processes by using digital technologies, İlgüner coronavirus He emphasized that these companies achieved success thanks to digital technologies in this period when the (Kovid-19) epidemic continued. 

Pointing out that digital media brands have also successfully completed this year, İlgüner said, “Netflix, which gained millions of new members by the end of 2020, has brought its value to $ 25 billion. 

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