Blue Origin makes unmanned test flight of suborbital shuttle…

In the USA, Blue Origin company, owned by Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos, made an unmanned test flight of the “New Shepard” suborbital shuttle.

According to the news on the “Space.comwebsite, the shuttle consisting of rocket and capsule was launched into space during the flight made at the company’s test center in Texas.

Reusable Space The 6-person capsule, called his ship “(RSS), crossed the Karman Line, which is supposed to separate the space and the atmosphere, 100 kilometers from the earth, and reached an altitude of 107 kilometers, then parachuted to the ground.

The reusable rocket also returned to the world after the launch.

The unmanned test launch of the 6-person suborbital shuttle “VSS Unity” designed by Virgin Galactic, which develops projects in the field of space tourism such as Blue Origin, was unsuccessful on December 12, 2020.

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