Shocking error in WhatsApp: Private data leaked to Google…

With the renewal of the confidentiality agreement, WhatsApp tried to force the users to accept this agreement and gathered reaction in this context, this time due to a software error, the users’ data was leaked to Google.

WhatsAppis a popular app with a large user base from around the world. However, it is not on the agenda, especially due to the changing confidentiality agreement recently. WhatsApp, which gives users until February 8, will close WhatsApp to users if the contract is not accepted. Due to this decision, WhatsApp started to lose its users because of a technical error.GoogleIt was also revealed that it leaked to. 

Due to the error, while groups created by users in WhatsApp were dropped into Google searches, those who saw these groups in the search results became able to access WhatsApp groups. Due to this error, the joining links of hidden whatsApp groups were also included in the search results. Those who entered the groups via Google had the chance to access the phone numbers and photos of the users in the groups.

While groups of users were revealed one by one, it was stated that WhatsApp solved the problem. However, it is not known how long group information appears in search results. According to the information shared by Gadgets360, the error has affected more than 1700 groups so far and more than 7 thousand profile information has been leaked to Google search results.

However, this problem is not the first time. A similar error occurred last year, and the problem was resolved in a short time. The frequent occurrence of the same problem confused people.

WhatsApp has not yet made a detailed explanation about the error in question. However, WhatsApp, which is currently on its toes due to its confidentiality agreement, seems to be in a difficult situation due to this error. 

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