Facebook can be sued in any EU member country…

Chief Prosecutor of the European Court of Justice, Michal Bobek, gave an opinion that personal data-related social media platform Facebook can be sued in all European Union (EU) member countries.

Bobek, the Attorney General of the European Court of Justice, the highest legal authority of the European Union (EU) headquartered in Luxembourg, FacebookHe expressed his opinion in the case on where the legal process could be initiated against.

Stating that the general authority for violations in cross-border data transactions within the framework of the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is in the country where the company carries out its main activities, the Attorney General said, “However, other relevant national data protection authorities, where the GDPR specifically allows such transactions in their own countries. has the right to initiate. ” used the expression.

The attorney general stated that cross-border data processing violations could also be sued in the relevant EU country.

The Belgian data security agency had asked Facebook not to use some cookies in the country without permission, not to collect excessive data, and to delete personal data collected in this way.

Upon the company’s refusal, the institution initiated a legal process in the Brussels court.

Facebook, on the other hand, claimed that the Belgian courts did not have jurisdiction in this regard within the framework of the GDPR, and that the authority in these matters was in the Irish and Irish data protection commission, the headquarters of the company in the EU.

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