PS5 model similar to PlayStation 2 appeared…

Sony introduced the new game console PS5 to the world in recent months. This time, a new model of the PS5, which attracts attention with its vertical design, has arrived. The new PS5 model, inspired by the legendary PS2 game console of years, attracted great attention.

SUP3R5, a design company, PS5created a special version of. The biggest difference of the new PS5, which has the same hardware features as the PlayStation 5, is seen in the design.

This special PS5, inspired by PS2, is called DualSense. game its arm was designed in the same way.

Only 304 of this particular PS5 model were produced. This figure has the following significance: The company determined the number of sales based on the release date of PS2, 03/04/00.

Let’s get to the prices … Retro PS5 has a price tag of $ 649. Retro DualSense will reach its buyer for $ 99.


According to Digitimes’ report, PS5 sold 3.4 million units in the first 4 weeks of its release. The report, which also makes a forecast for 2021, draws attention to the fact that sales may reach 18 million in total.

On the other hand, a disc drive model of PS5 is sold in our country. The other model without disk drive is expected to come to our country next year. This model will have a more affordable price.

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