Electricity and gas production from waste sludge started…

With the gasification technology developed in Dokuz Eylül University (DEU) Environmental Engineering Treatment Sludge Laboratory, electricity and gas is produced from waste sludge.

According to the statement made by the university, scientists at DEU, who work on alternative energy sources due to the negative effects of fossil fuel on the environment, developed a project on gasification technology. 

Professor of Environmental Engineering Department of Environmental Technology. Dr. Azize Ayol and her team developed hydrogen content-rich synthesis from biomass with the method they developed within the scope of the TÜBİTAK 1001 project.gas produced.

“We can generate 20 kilowatt hours of electricity”

DEU Environmental Engineering Department Environmental Technology Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Azize Ayol stated that within the scope of their studies, they use the synthesis gas of good quality, obtained by gasification technology from sewage sludge, to generate energy. 

Stating that the study is shown among the world’s few projects regarding the gasification potential, Prof. Dr. Ayol said:

“WasteWe take the sludge formed in water treatment plants and need to be disposed of as raw material and reuse it for different purposes with gasification technology. In our studies, we obtained 1 kilowatt hour of electrical energy and 1.2 cubic meters of hydrogen-rich synthesis gas from one kilogram of dry sewage sludge. It is possible to operate this system 24 hours a day. We can operate our pilot plant for 12 hours continuously. We can generate approximately 20 kilowatt hours of electricity per day from sewage sludge. This is enough to meet the electricity consumption of 4 families. “

Electricity and gas production from waste sludge started

Emphasizing the importance of providing energy from renewable sources, especially in rural settlements, Prof. Dr. Azize Ayol completed her words as follows:

“With such systems, it is possible to convert organic wastes directly into electrical energy in rural areas. There is no need for very high initial investment costs for these systems. There are no or extremely low air pollutant emissions in the gasification system as in combustion technologies. In terms of air pollution, these systems are an alternative to incineration technology. attract attention as good systems. ” 

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