The robot dog learned to stand up at the thought…

Developing technology is also bringing robots to the age. Finally, robots that learn to dance like a human have learned to get up from where they fell smoothly.

Over time, children learn how to recover if they fall during walking and how to eventually walk on their own feet. While parents support their children in walking, Spot and Atlas, developed by Boston Dynamics, are also trained by their developers.

Of course, the primary purpose of the development of these robots is to fulfill the given tasks completely. These robots, which transport people and support people, have also learned to get up from where they fell.

In an article published in Science Robotics journal, dog It was discussed how similar robots would get up and survive in case they fall, and attention was drawn to the artificial intelligence support used to let them learn to stand on their own feet on their own.

Robots, supported by artificial intelligence-supported software, thus both learn to walk and calculate how to stay in balance.

In various tests, it drew attention that the robots that were constantly dropped to the ground recover and stand up in seconds.

The aim of this work is to create smarter machines to perform different tasks flawlessly.

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