Xiaomi Mi 11: Nobody bought it when the charger adapter did not come out…

China-based technology manufacturer Xiaomi recently launched its new phone Xiaomi Mi 11. Nobody showed interest in the phone, which was offered for sale as two different models and offered to users without a charging adapter.

Xiaomi, Wed 11put the model phone on sale. This model is sold with or without a charger. However, the prices of the two models are the same. At this point, Xiaomi asks users to be environmentally friendly and recommends purchasing the model without adapter.

However, this call is not considered by users, and most of the phones sold consist of models with a charging adapter. While the company achieved a significant success by making 350 thousand sales in five minutes, the fact that the phone without a charger was not sold, it was disappointing on the Xiaomi front.

Mi 11, which takes its place in the showcases with two different box contents, Xiaomi Mi 11 Special Set Edition and Xiaomi Mi 11 Green Edition (model without charging adapter), is the latest to remove the charging adapter. telephone will not happen.

Xiaomi Mi 11: Nobody bought it when the charger adapter did not come out

Galaxy S21 series phones, which are expected to be announced in the coming weeks, will also not have a charging adapter and Samsung will make a move in this direction for the first time.

Apple removed the charging adapter from the box with the iPhone 12 series and had a reaction. However, brands will have found Apple’s attitude ‘logical’ that they are going the same way.

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