Important warning to those who enter Instagram from the computer…

Instagram, one of the most widely used social media platforms in the world, is testing a new feature for those who log into their account from a computer. See what Instagram will look like when the testing phase is over?

Instagram, which attracts attention with its new features and aims to provide users with a different experience with updates, is preparing a special update for those who want to access their account from the computer.

Many features in the application can also be used when accessed from a computer. However, Instagram’s Stories feature is intended to be different from the phone. It is noteworthy that stories are more prominent in the new design prepared in this context.

For example, when you open a friend’s story on Instagram, it takes up the screen completely and displays the stories in the middle. So you can see the previous and next stories as well.,

If they enter Instagram.com, the new interface will appear before users.

There was no statement on the subject from Instagram.

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