Global warming effect: last glacier in Venezuela is melting…

Known as the second highest peak in Venezuela, the South American country, the last glacial mass at the Humboldt Peak is rapidly melting due to global warming.

Global warming is taking place in South America as well as all over the world. 

The last glacial mass in Venezuela is melting rapidly due to global warming.

Venezuelan researchers reported that the last glacier at the Humboldt Peak, located at the summit of the Sierra Nevada de Merida Mountain in the northwest of the country, is about to melt, the El Nacional website reported. 

There is little time left for the last ice mass at the Humboldt Summit to completely thaw, according to the records the researchers collected from May 2019 to October 2020 to document the effects of climate change. 

According to scientists, the initial size of the glacier was 300 football fields wide. 

While rising atmospheric temperatures throughout the 20th century caused the glaciers to rapidly shrink globally, the Tropical Andes are among the places most affected by these changes.

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