The change that will cause reaction in Samsung phones…

Samsung is preparing to announce the Galaxy S21 series phones on January 14. However, there is a striking deficiency in the phones: the microSD card slot will not be included in the new phone models.

Technology manufacturer based in South Korea Samsungwill introduce its new phones in the coming weeks. There will be three different phone modelsGalaxy S21family will come with many new features and will be among the most ambitious phones of 2021. On the other hand, there is a striking deficiency in the phones, which will not be liked by users.

These models do not have a microSD slot according to the spec sheet seen by Roland Quandt, known for their leaks. This eliminates the chance to intervene in the phones later, and the doors are closed for those who want to increase their internal storage memory.

It is known that users pay attention to microSD card support when buying an Android phone, but it is quite surprising that Samsung made this move in its new phones.

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