The decision that caused a reaction from Telegram…

Telegram’s founder Pavel Durov announced that it will start advertising on the platform. According to the same statement, the advertised Telegram will enter our lives by 2021.

Telegram, which is the biggest competitor of WhatsApp with almost 500 million users, made a decision that did not like much.

Pavel Durov, founder of instant messaging application Telegram, announced that they will start showing ads on the app from next year.

This decision, which became one of the most talked about topics in social media in a short time, attracted many users’ reactions.

However, according to Durlov, the Platform, which has been standing by its own means until today, needs to generate income in order to remain independent. Durlov underlines that they will switch to the advertising model in order to make an income.

Durov stated that they will finance the application by showing ads on Telegram channels from 2021.

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