Good news for those who use Chrome…

Google’s popular web browser Chrome will be lighter next year. Chrome will consume less memory with the next comprehensive update.

ChromeIt is known that as you open new tabs in, the memory consumption grows and after a certain point it causes aggravation, especially in low-level computers. Now, final preparations are being made for an update that will leave this problem behind.

When the said improvements made on Chrome are delivered to users by updating, the ‘memory’ problem will fall off the agenda of users. How will this be possible?

Windows 10’s TerminateProcess functionality is the room for this improvement. The API of Windows 10 allows the system to return to its previous performance after running a software by clearing the processes left open by the applications that the user closed.

In this way, the gain in memory capacity will be maximized when the tabs or the browser itself are closed.

Those who use Chrome on systems with 8 GB of RAM and lower RAM will experience a noticeable speed increase after this update.

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