The ’email’ era at Zoom…

Zoom increased the number of users from 10 million to 300 million during the Corona virus (Covid-19) epidemic period, as well as providing electronic mail and calendar services.

Due to the Corona virus outbreak, tens of millions of people around the world have started working from home. With people starting to work from home, applications where you can hold online meetings have gained a considerable popularity in a short time.

The most striking of those apps is Zoom. The application, which was established 9 years ago and served 10 million users in December 2019, reached 300 million users in a short time.

Zoom, which is one of the most opposed applications from the pandemic, is preparing to add new features to the platform.

According to the news Engadget based on sources close to the company, Zoom will provide e-mail and calendar services in addition to video calls.

There is no official statement from Zoom yet on the subject. However, according to the same article, the platform has begun to work on these new features.

According to the information provided by Engadget, Zoom’s e-mail service will be available to users in 2021.

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