Apple confession from Elon Musk…

Elon Musk, owner of the electric car manufacturer Tesla, admitted that he was considering selling Tesla at its worst time. Musk claimed that he wanted to meet with Apple for this, but Apple CEO Tim Cook did not come to the meeting.

It has been spoken for a while that the US-based technology company Apple will produce cars. Finally, according to the news signed by Reuters, the date of the project has been announced.

It was claimed that the first electric car to be produced by the US-based company will start mass production in 2024. After this news, Tesla’s owner Elon Musk made a statement like allegiance.

In a statement he made on his personal Twitter account, Musk admitted that he was considering selling Tesla for a while.

In the same statement, Musk underlined that he was considering selling Tesla to Apple and even sending news to the company for it.

According to Musk’s claim, CEO Tim Cook, Apple’s most authoritative name, rejected Musk’s offer to meet.

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