China sends medium weight carrier rocket into space…

China launched the medium-weight carrier rocket Long March 8 into space for the first time.

China news According to the news agency Xinhua, the rocket carrying 5 satellites was sent into space from the Vincang Launch Center on Hainan Island.

Among China’s Long March rockets, the medium-weight carrier class rocket was designed to launch 3 to 4.5 ton payloads into Solar Synchronous Orbit at an altitude of 700 kilometers.

Of china space Long March rockets, which serve as the main launcher for the program, are used to carry both heavy loads and lighter elements into space.

16 generations of rockets have been produced since the Long March 1, which launched the country’s first indigenous satellite Donfanghong 1 into space in 1970. Currently, staged rockets from Long March 2C to Long March 11 perform different launch missions.

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