How to change the font in instagram biography?

How to change the font in the Instagram bio section? we explained the subject in detail in our guide.

One of the little-known aspects of the Instagram app: changing the font in the biography section. Your phone’s font is used by default when you type something into your account’s biography. But if you’re tired of it, you can change the font to give your profile a different feel.

The easiest way to do this process, also known as Instagram-shaped typing: to use font creators. Font creators who provide online services will find multiple fonts of the text you want. So you don’t have to worry about finding individual fonts. You can put it in your Instagram bio by selecting any of the posts that come your way.

Change the font in the Instagram bio section

We will use the website Instagram Fonts Generator to illustrate our example in our guide. This site allows you to write any word or sentence in more than 50 different fonts. In addition, some fonts also decorate the text with symbols, making it remarkable.

To use the Instagram Fonts Generator:

  • Open the site by clicking on the link on your phone or computer.
  • At the top of the page, in the “Add text here” section, type the text that you want to change the font for.
  • After typing, scroll down the page. You will see the text written in different fonts.

Press and hold and copy the text you like. Then open the Instagram app, enter the Edit Profile > Bio section and paste it into the corresponding area. The font change process in the Instagram bio section will thus be completed.

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to use the Instagram Fonts Generator site that we mentioned in our Instagram-shaped writing guide. Popular font creation sites are as follows:

  • Mesletters
  • Fonts for Instagram
  • Instagram Fonts
  • IGFonts
  • Font Generator

It is worth noting that there are many sites like this. By searching search engines for the words “instagram font”, you can find platforms where you can create different fonts for use in the biography section. In the meantime, font changes can be done not only on Instagram, but also in apps such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp.

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