How did the tide turn in the Ukraine war? Here is Putin’s new tactic

The eyes and ears of the world are on the news from Ukraine… Both armies are fighting to the death for Donbas. Recently, it is stated that the initiative in the region has passed to the Russian army. Ukrainian troops are unable to stop the advance of the Russian army. Here is the reason why the wind turns to Russia in the war…

The war in Ukraine is in its 4th month. The war started like a nightmare for the Russian army, so to speak.

Starting From The First Day Of The War, Which Started At 06:00 On February 24 At 06:00 On The Order Of Russian President Putin , the Russian army, which had targeted Kiev, the heart of Ukraine, attacked across the country, but suffered heavy losses.


On December 27, 1979, Soviet special forces captured important buildings in Kabul, while large armored troops crossed the border, an airborne unit seized the airport near the capital, Kabul.

The 1979 invasion of Afghanistan is described as one of the elements that led to the destruction of the Soviet Union. The Soviet army withdrew from the country in 1989, and the cost of the war to Moscow was very heavy.

With this move of the Soviet commanders, a puppet government was quickly and bloodlessly established in the capital. Russia followed a similar method in the invasion of Ukraine.

In the first days of the war, Russian special forces and paratroopers headed for the airport near Kyiv, bloody clashes took place in Hostomel, but the result was disappointment for Russia.

Thereupon, Russia, which set its target as the east of Ukraine, started to target Donbas with almost all its power.

Recently, it has been said that the initiative has passed to the Russian army in the region. Because while the Russian troops continue their attacks without slowing down, the Ukrainian forces are experiencing territorial losses every day.


So how did the wind turn towards Russia after months of war? The short answer: the Russian military’s change of tactics.

Ukrainian officials state that over a hundred soldiers lost their lives every day in the war in the east, and hundreds more were injured.

How did the tide turn in the Ukraine war?  Here is Putin's new tactic

The Russian army had little experience in conducting simultaneous operations involving multiple branches of forces, and the failure of this tactic in the first months of the war in Ukraine was seen by the whole world.

According to Michael Kofman, director of Russian studies at CNA, a Virginia-based research organization in the USA, Russia left this tactic behind after turning its target to Donbas.

From this stage of the war, the Russian army concentrated on a single target rather than a coordinated attack.

Faced with supply problems in the first period of the war, Russia did not encounter this problem in the Donbas War.

Because part of the region was already under the control of Russian separatists, and the region was much closer to Russian territory than to Kiev.

Dobnas’ fate is decided in Severodonetsk. Ukrainian President Zelensky says the eastern city of Severodonetsk “continues to be the epicenter of the conflict in Donbas”. According to the latest information, 80 percent of the city is under Russian control.


As a result of the war in the east going on for years, the soldiers of both sides were in long fortified positions.

Judging by the latest news from the region, Russia managed to turn this situation in its favour. Because these units were easy targets for bombs, missiles and artillery shells.

The Russian army, which had longer range weapons and firepower, inflicted heavy losses on the Ukrainian troops.

It is stated that US President Biden took the decision to send longer-range rockets to Ukraine after Russia’s advantage in the field emerged.


How did the tide turn in the Ukraine war?  Here is Putin's new tactic

In this type of trench warfare, the main objective of the armies is to advance by opening a gap in the line and encircle the enemy units.

Russia has not been able to achieve this fully yet, but with the force of arms it has managed to push back the Ukrainian troops.


Of course, this does not mean that Putin won the war. Military experts say that with the arrival of new long-range weapons from the West to the front, the Ukrainians will be able to regain some of the lands they lost.

Both sides insist they must win. But for now, both sides are losing.

Because even if Russia wins the Donbas war, it will have captured only a part of Ukraine and will have shelved the main target of the war, the plan to change the government.

Ukraine, on the other hand, will have a ravaged Ukraine, the legacy of a longer war, if the best-case scenario materializes and pushes all Russian troops back at its borders.

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