Hillary Clinton slams China

Hillary Clinton, who is expected to be the Democratic presidential nominee in the US, has accused China of stealing US trade secrets and government information.

The former secretary of state accused China of “trying to Hack everything that doesn’t act in America” and urged caution against it.

U.S. officials named China as the prime suspect in a wide-ranging hacking attempt on U.S. government agency records earlier this year.

China has denied any involvement and called the US allegations “irresponsible.”

Speaking at a campaign event in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton said china’s defense industry is stealing secrets.

Clinton suggested that China, which “steals large amounts of official information,” was seeking an advantage over the United States.

Clinton added that she wanted to see China’s rise peacefully, adding that the United States should be “fully vigilant.”

China is accused
of espionage About a month ago, U.S. officials said hackers suspected of links to China had obtained sensitive information about intelligence and military personnel.

This attack could make American security personnel or their families vulnerable to blackmail.

The forms contain personal information, from eye color, financial history, past substance dependencies to contact information of relatives and relatives.

The White House said investigators believe public personnel’ information was accessed.

It was stressed that 14 million people may have been affected by the attack.

Hillary Clinton slams China

China is allegedly using its cyber capabilities to obtain intelligence on US diplomacy, economy and defence programs.

Some of the attacks could be based directly on the Chinese government and military.

China’s name is mentioned in almost all cyberattack incidents in the U.S.

According to some estimates, 90 percent of the cyber espionage cases in the country are based in China.

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