He acted before Instagram! TikTok brings the much-desired feature

TikTok is testing the ‘Repost’ button, which allows you to repost videos without the need for a third-party app.

Short-form video sharing platform TikTok has so far not offered the possibility to reshare posts on the app. To post a video they like on their own account, users first need to save it to the phone, then upload it as a ‘new post’. The same remains true for Instagram, which is connected to Meta.

In fact, there are a number of third-party software that allows you to share the post in the profile without the need to download it manually. However, since these require full access to your account to work, it is important to remember that your personal data may be compromised. After Facebook and Twitter, ‘repost’ support also comes to TikTok, which has 1 billion monthly users.

TikTok begins testing ‘Repost’ button

The ‘Repost’ button, which Instagram users have wanted for years but has not been able to reach a conclusion, was brought by arch-rival TikTok. The new button added to the sharing menu within the app is right next to other sharing options such as ‘WhatsApp Status’, ‘Instagram Stories’, ‘SMS’.

Social media consultant Matt Navarra shared a screenshot of the Repost button. When a user clicks the ‘Share’ button in the lower right corner of the video they want to share, the feature is activated. Among the options that appear on the screen; It appears that features such as sending the video to a TikTok friend, reporting are at the top with the icon ‘Repost’.

According to the information transmitted, a video shared with the Repost feature will be open only to your followers. Matt Navarra said one follower asked, “All I’m curious about is where do the reposted posts look? I just tested it and it wasn’t on my profile,” he replied, “I think it’s just being shown to his followers.” But TikTok did not share any information confirming this.

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