Google faces $177 million fine…

Google and Apple are subject to different lawsuits on the grounds that they ‘highlight their own services’. This time, Google lost a lawsuit filed by South Korea and has to pay a fine of 207.4 billion won, or $177 million.

Googlecontinues to be the subject of antitrust lawsuits. In the newly opened lawsuit, he was fined for using his power to hinder the development of competing operating systems and thus getting ahead of the competition.

In the news in Bloomberg, the decision of the Fair Trade Commission in South Korea GoogleIt was prepared to prevent the actions of phone manufacturers such as Samsung and LG that restrict their operating systems.

Google faces $177 million fine

In the decision, which emphasized that South Korean brands were targeted, the Chairman of the Fair Trade Commission (KFTC), Joh Sung-wook, underlined that this decision of KFTC is not limited to mobile devices, on the contrary, this decision is valid for smart watches and smart televisions as well. On the other hand, according to the same report, the agency is examining Google’s implementation of in-app purchases in the Play Store and its advertising business as part of three separate investigations.

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