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Five best methods against ransom…

European Cyber ​​Security Month, celebrated in October every year, provides a good opportunity to raise business awareness of the most effective ways to protect against ransomware attacks. While ransomware attacks increased by 151 percent worldwide in the first 6 months of 2021, all businesses, large and small, are now aware of this danger. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has published certified best practices that Veeam endorses and supports its implementation, showing how businesses can protect data and ensure business continuity.

Identify: Identify which of the existing environments an attack will affect, what risks are associated with those environments, and how they relate to your business objectives. Human firewall review. Plan for business continuity. Label your digital assets.

Protection: Develop and implement appropriate measures to ensure the continuity of your critical infrastructure services by proactively supporting your ability to limit or contain the impact of a cyberattack. Train the human firewall. Invest in your digital hygiene. Keep at least three copies of every important piece of data you have.

Install systems

Detection : Allows timely discovery of security incidents and is an important step in building a solid cyber strategy. The faster an event is detected, the faster its effects can be remedied. Install detection systems. Place virtual trigger mechanisms.

Response: Response functionality enables you to develop and implement appropriate actions, helping users develop techniques to contain the impact of cybersecurity incidents. Create an incident response plan. Be calm and accountable.

Recovery: Not every cyberattack can be prevented, so make sure you have a recovery strategy for when your cybersecurity defenses are breached. Define your recovery strategy.

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