First Trailer from Disney Animation Encanto!

Screenwriters include Lin-Manuel Miranda

Disney Animation Studios has released the first trailer for its new animated film , “Encanto”, which will be released this November. The Colombian film, which means Disney’s 60th animated film, will be about family members who have magical features such as having superpowers, changing shape and being able to control animals and plants.
Mirabel, voiced by “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “In the Heights” star Stephanie Beatriz, is the only one without special
power. When he discovers that his family’s magic may be under threat, he realizes that he is the only one who can save him. The film was directed by Charise Castro Smith, Byron Howard and Jared Bush, while Bush and Smith co-wrote the screenplay with Miranda. Lin-Manuel Mirandaalso made the soundtrack to the film.
is best known for the Broadway musical and pop culture phenomenon ” Hamilton “, which re-enacted the story of her American founding father, AlexanderHamilton.
Last summer, the recording of the musical, which aired on Disney Plus over the Fourth of July weekend, led to a 74% increase in app downloads. More recently, Miranda collaborated with “Crazy Rich Asians” director Jon M. Chu to adapt the Manhattan-based stage musical “In the Heights”as a feature film.
Miranda has been involved in the project since 2016.
During walt disney animation studios’ presentation on Investor Day in December 2020, Miranda praised the magical film. “We fell in love with the people that existed in the region, the culture and the combination of musical styles,” Miranda said of the studio, which represents Colombia through production. “Encanto” hits theaters November 24.

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