Elon Musk missed the big secret

SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk made the stunning remarks as he spoke about work on Mars. Musk said they have to go to Mars because the threat of nuclear war, which is expected to happen before the apocalypse, remains. This phenomenon, called nuclear Armageddon, means nuclear war before the apocalypse.

Nasa and SpaceX’s work on Marsis being eagerly followed by the world. The clearest explanation for why these two institutions are so insistent on life on Mars came from SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Musk said living conditions on Mars should be ensured due to the nuclear war expected before the apocalypse. If living conditions are met, the pioneers of these studies will settle on Mars before the apocalypse and continue their lives there.

According to the Independent Turkish news; Citing the climate crisis, pandemics and other phenomena that threaten human civilization, Musk stressed the need to reduce these risks. According to the tech billionaire, the most important way to mitigate these risks is to make humanity multiplanetary.

Emphasizing that Tesla is moving forward with sustainable energy moves, Musk added, “The faster the better,” adding: “Because there are always risks in the world. That old, familiar nuclear Armageddon is still one of the risks.”

The 1998 sci-fi film Armageddon is about an asteroid catastrophe powerful enough to destroy humanity. That’s why the name of the film is often used to commemorate the possibility of extinction.

Armageddon; as a word, means “Mount Megiddo” in Hebrew. According to religious sources, it is the last war towards the end of the earth. For some, it’s a major nuclear war. This great pre-apocalyptic battle will be between Christ and the Antichrist.

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