Developed against embargoes, exported to the USA…

With the barrels and rocket bodies domesticated within the Turkish defense industry, the negativities caused by restrictions and embargoes were prevented, and export success to the USA was achieved with these products .

Organized by the American Army Association (AUSA) AUSA 2021brought together many international professionals and companies operating in the defense industry. The event, in which approximately 700 stands were opened, attended the event from Turkey.REPKONjoined. REPKON, one of the leading companies in metal forming in the Turkish defense industry, talked about its products and capabilities at AUSA 2021.

The company exhibited at the fair its 40 mm automatic grenade launcher barrel, which was produced with the “flowforming” method, which entered the inventory locally and nationally and prevented imports in this context.

In addition, 5.56, 7.62, 9 and 12.7 millimeter barrels produced with a rotational cold forging machine were also displayed at the REPKON stand. The company also introduced various rocket bodies with a diameter of 70, 122, 300, 610 millimeters, which are made of aluminum and special alloy steel materials produced by the “flowforming” method.


Uğur Cem Gürpınar, Business Development and Corporate Communications Manager of REPKON, said that they have been attending the fair continuously since 2017.

Developed against embargoes, exported to the USA

Barrels of various calibers USANoting that they have started exporting to Turkey, Gürpınar stated that they are very satisfied with the contribution of the world-renowned US gun companies in terms of performance and life of the REPKON barrels. Gürpınar stated that they are currently continuing to produce barrels above the standards, as they have a good command of machine, mold and process technologies.

Emphasizing that they are proud to represent Turkey at the fair, Gürpınar said, “It is an important message that the products we have developed locally and nationally, especially due to implicit and explicit embargo practices, come to the export point for the US and international markets. This situation, as a country, has an important place in the world in the defense industry technologically. It should also be seen as proof that we have it.” said.

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