COVID-19 vaccination efforts have also spread to GTA 5!

Ongoing vaccination efforts around the world have recently spread to GTA 5, which has been very successful on the online side.

The COVID-19 pandemic, which entered our lives in late 2019 and caused millions of deaths around the world, continues to have its full impact. Although vaccination efforts have come a long way, new variants emerging day by day reveal that the virus is still a major threat to human health.

Of course, whether you get vaccinated or not is entirely people’s decision. However, many moves are being made by states to encourage vaccination in order to end the pandemic today. In some cases, even virtual world and video games are preferred, especially where the young audience is very active. A new one was recently added to these.

GTA 5 now hosts COVID-19 vaccine centers

GTA 5, as it is known, has a huge audience of players on its online side as well as its immersive story. Especially with the roleplay servers it contains, it offers an experience as if you are living real life in the game. As such, one of the most appropriate games to encourage vaccination is undoubtedly GTA 5.

At this point, Pfizer, which developed the COVID-19 vaccine in collaboration with BioNTech, signed an agreement with Cidade Alta, one of the largest servers in Latin America, as part of a remarkable campaign in Brazil. At this point, vaccination centers were added to the server and COVID-19 vaccinations were started for the characters within the scope of various tasks.

Characters with vaccinations are given a special label that can be glued to the arm, while players are asked to share in-game screenshots on social media platforms with the hashtag #InGameVaccine to reach more people.

Let’s note that this campaign organized by Pfizer and Cidade Alta has received a lot of attention all over the world in a short time. On the other hand, it is a question of how this project, implemented through the server, which receives more than six million interactions per day, will be reflected in vaccination rates in Brazil, which are 60.4 percent.

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