Chinese hackers’ new tactic is McAfee software

Chinese hackers have stepped up their attacks as the US election approaches. Google said the victims were attacked through the virus antivirus software McAfee.

Search engine Google says a group of Chinese hackers have launched an attack targeting candidate Joe Biden as the US election approaches. Chinese hackers are trying to encourage users to install infected software by impersonating the antivirus program McAfee.

Chinese hackers are now using McAfee

In a blog post, Google claimed that hackers identified as being affiliated with the Chinese government impersonated the antivirus software McAfee to try to infect victims’ systems with malware. Google also said the hackers were the team involved in the attack against Biden earlier this year, and another Iran-based group targeted Trump’s campaign. Neither attack was aimed at achieving its goal.

Chinese hackers have now used McAfee as a weapon

The group, called APT31, sends links via email to users who download malware generated with code on the GitHub platform. Systems used by the group, such as GitHub and Dropbox, make them very difficult to track. The person receiving the email in question is asked to install McAfee software, and the victim adds the malware to his system without realizing it in addition to the app.

“Each step of these attacks has been reinforced by legal services, making it easier for defense systems to rely,” Shane Huntley, president of Google’s Threat Analysis Group, said in a blog post. Huntley also stressed that a Google user sent them a warning when they were victims of the attack.

The blog post did not say how many people were affected by the attack, but said all the findings were shared with the FBI.

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