‘Boris became his wife’s puppet’

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s ‘dark days’ are not over. Johnson, who was called to resign after it was revealed he was partying at the prime minister’s residence during the quarantine period (Partygate Scandal), now faces allegations that he is under the control of his wife.

In an expected new book by Conservative Party colleague Lord Ashcroft, Johnson is accused of being a ‘puppet’ of his wife Carrie Johnson, 33. The book, “First Lady: Intrigues in the Court of Carrie and Boris Johnson,” suggests that Boris Johnson was almost hypnotized and isolated by his wife Carrie.


“These relentless allegations are part of initiatives designed by toxic former employees of the prime minister’s office,” a spokeswoman for Carrie Johnson said in a statement. The allegations against Boris Johnson have been reported in the British press before. Carrie, who had served in the Conservative Party’s press corps for many years, allegedly struck the balance at Number 10 of the Prime Minister’s Residence after a union with Boris Johnson, with some people resigning or being forced to resign because of the First Lady.

Meanwhile, the number of Conservative Party members calling for Johnson’s resignation over the party scandal has risen to 14. Nick Gibb, a former minister from Johnson’s party, said: “We need to change the Prime Minister.”

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