Big reaction from Red Dead Online players to Rockstar!

Rockstar Games has angered players by not updating red dead online. Accordingly, the players launched a #SaveRedDeadOnline campaign.

The Red Dead Redemption series is one of rockstar games’ most important projects after the GTA series. Just like GTA Online, Red Dead Online is an important source of revenue for Rockstar Games in this sense. However, Red Dead Online playerscomplain about Rockstar Games. In this sense, players have launched a #SaveRedDeadOnline campaign on Twitter.

Rockstar Games, which did not offer updates for Red Dead Online, has garnered a backlash

Rockstar Gameswon the hearts of players in 2010 with its Wild West based action adventure game Red Dead Redemption series. Accordingly, red dead redemption 2 set the bar even higher with Red Dead Online, the company that further connected this audience to the game in 2018. However, Red Dead Online players are quite unhappy with the big update packages that have not come since July 2021.

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Red Dead Online received its last major update in July 2021

In fact, Rockstar Gamescontinues to offer innovations such as small-scale updates and new mission assignments for Red Dead Online. However, GTA Online is renewed almost every month with a major update. Red Dead Online players last received this major update in July. So Rockstar Games hasn’t had a major update to the game in six months.

Red Dead Online players couldn’t take it anymore and launched a #SaveRedDeadOnline campaign on Twitter.

Rockstar Games has not yet responded to the growing campaign, which has been going on for several days. Judging by the posts, the players say Rockstar has left the game. In this sense, players are trying to put pressure on Rockstar Games for a major update.

Here are the popular posts that reacted to Rockstar for RD Online:

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