Big breakup from Facebook’s parent company Meta!

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has come under the spotlight with a significant breakup. They parted ways with a longtime employee of the company.

Meta, which is frequently in the spotlight with its crises and investigations, came up with the news of a major breakup this time. A prominent figure who has been in the company for 3 years has left the company for an undisclosed reason. Here are the details…

Meta Platforms’ head of communications leaves the company

The company, which goes by the name Meta from facebook, continues to come up. There’s been a surprise departure from the company’s communications wing. John Pinette, who has been the company’s communications chairman since 2019, has stepped down. A Meta spokesman announced the news of the departure. The explanation was as follows.

We are grateful for John’s positive contributions at an intense and important time in the company’s history. We wish him well in the future.

The statement did not elaborate on the reason for the breakup. Pinette, which has a rather fluffy CV, has been overseeing external communications since 2019. He previously headed Google’s communications in Asia and advised Bill Gates. There is also no clarity on whether the separation was a resignation or a dismissal.

In recent months, however, Frances Haugen, a former Meta employee, disclosed internal policies with important information. The company, which has been working meticulously since then, is rumoured to have made such a move to avoid facing a similar leak. Haugen also worked in an important position at the company.

Haugen: “Meta chose to make money, not security.”

Frances Haugen, a former algorithmic product manager at Meta, resigned after seeing deep differences between what was good for the company and what was good for the public, and said the company leaked its labor policy and documents to the Wall Street Journal. Haugen stated in his statement:

Meta repeatedly chose to optimize for his own interests as he made more money. I knew what my future would look like if I stayed inside Facebook. This policy was troubling not only me, but many employees.

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